Employee trends 2022 research report

uploaded on 22 February 2022


What support do employees need to navigate another turbulent year?

Having worked and lived through the worst effects of the pandemic, many people across the UK are now facing a new cost-of-living crisis that will mean that every organisation needs to prioritise how they are going to support them in the coming months. At the same time:

  • Organisations are still feeling their way towards a workable long-term model for hybrid working and trying to balance out new employee expectations for better work/life alignment with the needs of the organisation as a whole
  • Talk in the media of a ‘Great Resignation’ that is likely to be further fuelled by cost-of-living issues and a skills shortage

To help you plan, we asked 2,000 UK workers how they feel present circumstances are impacting the way they work and what help they want in the year ahead. In this report we share the findings of the research and offer advice on how the key issues can be addressed.

The message for employers is that the aftershocks of the initial phases of the pandemic are by no means over and that this will be the year, more than ever, when employees need more support and more clarity on what their future holds.

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