Case Study

Customer incentives give competitive edge in growing market share

uploaded on 1 May 2024

Putting incentives at the heart of promotional activity helps a telecoms giant recruit new customers.

  • Select model provides critical tool to win customers whilst protecting margins
  • Customers can redeem eCode vouchers at over 90 retailers for a memorable reward
  • Management information means team can evaluate the performance of live campaigns
  • Campaign focused on students exceeds target by 38%

Industry: Media, broadcast, telecoms

Solution: Select Incentives

What they needed

In the competitive telecoms market, the ability to quickly deploy eye-catching promotions to win new customers is critical to success.

Having become frustrated with overcomplicated processes to manage data, process orders and communicate with customers, our client asked Edenred to simplify and improve its tactical customer incentives.

The key objectives were:

  • Remove unnecessary barriers for customers to claim their reward
  • Move to a digital journey
  • Offer choice
  • Offer peace of mind that the reward had reached the recipient

Thereby, improving customer satisfaction and reducing customer complaints.

How we helped

By going back to basics and simplifying from start to finish, customers are kept informed of their installation and reward delivery, and then, at 28 days post-installation a validated data file is passed to Edenred to fulfil. The hand-off of this daily validated file, overlaid with Edenred governance, has removed previous challenges around data management and integrity. Then, by using our Select Incentives platform we are able to issue rewards the same day and subsequently report on delivery and redemption trends too.

Customers receive a branded and customised reward notification and are even reminded if they have not claimed before the 90-day expiry.

The system is fully digital, using unique eCodes which can be redeemed for over 90 choices of retailers which are better suited to the interests of the target customers.  The psychological link between a good experience plus a valued reward equals positive feelings, and feelings are powerful and proven to be highly memorable.

What they achieved

“Our most effective style of campaign running”

The move to the new Select model has given our client a critical tool to win customers whilst protecting margins. By offering more choice, customer incentives provide a more memorable reward which has a lasting impact over a cash incentive which is easily lost or forgotten in the mix of household finances. By making it easier to reward customers, the commercial teams have been able to test which incentives are most powerful in promoting services to specific customer groups.

Since using Select Incentives, our client has used incentives to influence through a range of tactics from rewarding switchers, first-time sign-ups and even product researchers.

Using the management information on redemptions, spend and retailer choice, the team can evaluate the performance of live campaigns, benchmark against previous campaigns and learn how to enhance future promotions.

Winning in the student market

A simple yet effective 8-week campaign where students were rewarded with a £25 voucher per registration saw the client smash their campaign target by 38%.

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