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Why accept Eyecare Vouchers?

The Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 (DSE Regulations) mean employers have legal obligations to staff who work on VDUs. These entail providing them with eye tests, and glasses if necessary. Employers may also need to provide free prescription protective glasses for some members of staff.

Giving eyecare vouchers is a simple, cost-effective way for employees to fulfil these obligations. And for opticians, accepting eyecare vouchers offers the chance to win new customers who might not otherwise go for eye tests at all – according to a survey of UK workers, one in five employees hasn’t had their eyes tested in five years.

Plus eyecare vouchers offer lots of opportunities for upselling and promoting your business.

How to accept Edenred's Eyecare Vouchers

Simply fill in a Voucher Redemption Agreement form and email it back to us at  Your account will then be opened and you will receive an Eyecare Voucher Claim Form, point of sale display stickers, promotional posters, a VDU Certificate of Recommendation Booklet and an Optician's Guide to the Eyecare Vouchers Scheme.

How it works

Eye Examination Voucher

The Eye Examination Voucher entitles a patient to one eye & eyesight examination, without further charge, from a qualified Optometrist/Ophthalmic Medical Practitioner.

This eye examination must be in accordance with the definitions of a sight test as detailed by the Opticians' Act 1989, Section 36(2).

VDU Certificate of Recommendation

When you have completed an eye examination, whether or not the patient requires spectacles, please write the results on the VDU Certificate of Recommendation, signing and stamping it. Then give both copies of the main part to the patient and keep the counterfoil for your records.

It is important that this Certificate is fully completed as it provides the employer with a record that their employee has had an eye examination. It will also provide them with information as to whether VDU corrective spectacles are required, as well as your recommended date for the patient's next test. The patient must present their certificate to their employer before they can become entitled to a separate Corrective Spectacle Voucher.

Corrective Spectacle Vouchers

If your patient requires VDU corrective spectacles you may be given vouchers of £75 or £95. These should be exchanged for spectacles to meet the needs of the patient, with no additional charge to the patient.

If the patient wishes to choose from a wider range of spectacles, they can use the face value of their Eyecare Voucher as part payment, the remaining balance is then paid by the patient.

Redeeming the Vouchers

To redeem Eye Examination Vouchers or Corrective Spectacle Vouchers, please request a personalised Eyecare Voucher Claim Form by calling us on 0800 247 1233.

When redeeming Eye Examination Vouchers or Corrective Spectacle Vouchers, please complete the Eyecare Voucher Claim form, we will pay the claim within 15 working days of receipt.