Affordable loans with salary-deducted repayments

Helping your employees better manage their money (for free)

Employee financial wellbeing is an important subject that many businesses are taking seriously. Financial worries are eating into productivity, affecting absence and the health and wellbeing of people across the UK. 

Edenred are working in partnership with Neyber; an innovative, award winning company who are pioneers in the employee finance solutions sector. Neyber give your employees access to fairer finance, supporting them to borrow money and save on interest at the same time. All at no cost or risk to you, the employer.

Your employees could save up to £101 per month 
when consolidating their existing debts, 
the equivalent of a 5% pay rise.**


This benefit gives employees access to affordable loans for many purposes, including debt consolidation. Neyber’s three simple, transparent fixed rates have been designed to suit your employees’ needs so more of them can access fairer finance. 

Payments are deducted directly from employees’ salary, but your payroll administrator need not worry, there is minimal administration to implement the deductions. If the employee decides to leave your company, they just continue their payments through direct debit. 

Why Neyber

  • Saves employees money
    Neyber’s loan amounts allow your employees to borrow to combine their existing into one manageable monthly payment, helping them get debt-free faster
  • Fair rates for all
    Three, easy to understand rates designed to suit your employee’s needs; 4.9% APR, 6.9% APR; 9.9% APR
  • No set up or on-going fees and no risk to employer
    Neyber keep things cost-free and risk-free because we believe everyone deserves access to fairer finance
  • In-house experts
    An in-house underwriting team carefully consider each application carefully and put in the extra effort to understand your employee’s individual needs
  • Committed to long-term financial wellbeing
    Employees can access financial education articles, tools, and calculators to help them better manage their money 

Hear from one of Neyber’s happy customers:

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We know that people come in all shapes and sizes, as do their financial circumstances. That’s why Neyber loans come with three fair rates - for Great, Good and OK credit scores. By having a tiered approach, people get a fair deal with a salary-deducted loan, rewarding those with great credit scores and giving affordable borrowing to those with lower scores.  

For your organisation to be eligible for Neyber, you need to have 20 or more employees and have been in business for three or more years. 

**Based on the current experience of 60% of Neyber customers as at May 2016.
Neyber Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Interim permission: 663054.

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