Weetabix raises the bar with a new benefits proposition


Weetabix is one of the UK’s most well-known and well-loved breakfast cereal brands. With its headquarters in Northamptonshire the company employs approximately 1,800 people internationally. The majority are based in the UK covering a wide range of roles including marketing,sales, manufacturing, finance, IT, HR, strategy and export.

The company undertook an internal review of their benefits and reward strategy to ensure it was meeting the needs of its workforce and could compete with other businesses in the sector. Despite being a traditional brand with traditional values, Weetabix wanted its employer brand to be progressive and fit for purpose.

An employee survey had highlighted the importance of employee benefits to staff members; however, only 54% of the company’s employees responded that the benefits currently on offer suited their needs.


Weetabix’s target was to boost this number by implementing a numberof strategic changes to their benefits proposition.

This involved a review of their benefits provider at the time. Weetabixwent through a tender process to find an alternative supplier.

“Edenred stood out for its expertise and established client base”,says Nina Ohol, Head of HR Service Delivery and Reward at Weetabix.“ Most importantly though, they had solutions that were simple andeasy to use, which was important to us. Our theory was that wewanted our benefits to be as convenient for our staff as onlineshopping – so we needed something that offered the best value andthe simplest solution to encourage maximum
employee engagement.”

Seamless transition

The first step in the process was to deal with the transfer of the employee discounts platform and Childcare Voucher scheme from their existing provider.

The transition was seamless, according to Ohol: “We had no experience of this process so we needed someone with the knowledge and expertise to prompt us to ask the right questions – that was very important to us. We were only migrating two services but they were complex so we needed someone to guide us through the process step by step. This was a real selling point for us.

There was never a moment when things weren’t in control, both the project management and the communication throughout were excellent. Having been involved in implementing new systems and programmes in the past, I’d never seen project management better than this.”

Employee Savings transition

The key challenge here was for Edenred to match the benefits of the previous provider without alienating or discouraging employees who were already engaged in the scheme, as well as promoting it to new users.

Edenred approached this proactively by supporting the switch with strong communication and positive messages about the advantages of the new scheme and demonstrating that just a slight change of habit could result in significant cost savings on everyday items and ease the burden of the cost of living.

Most importantly, Edenred remained, and continues to remain, very receptive and flexible in response to any suggestions Weetabix has and will do what they can to enhance the Employee Savings offer where possible.

The launch of Flexible Benefits

Weetabix’s new flexible benefits platform was launched with a bang in February, to tie in with some internal employer brand work Weetabix was carrying out at the same time.

The new platform launch was planned for Valentine’s Day and developed to play on the theme of “Loving your benefits”. Employees were sent a Valentine’s card to communicate and promote the new scheme, which was supported by roadshows with suppliers and workshops at their manufacturing facilities. The portal enables Weetabix employees to manage their benefits with ease and efficiency from one central online location.“Our Marketing Director even stopped me in the corridor during the flex campaign to ask me who was behind the design of the promotional material, saying it was a step up from what HR had produced before. This made us very proud."


Edenred has taken us in a different direction and raised the bar. Theyare slick, professional and true partners. Our key objective in bringingEdenred on board was to increase the number of our employees whofelt that the benefits suited their needs. This year’s response showsthat we have achieved what we set out to do”, concludes Ohol.

“We are proud to be reward and benefits partner for Weetabix, who won the‘Total Rewards & Benefits’ category at the 2018 HR Distinction awards.”

HRD Awards

“The portal enables Weetabix employees to manage their benefits with ease and efficiency from one central online location.”