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Ticket Restaurant® Plus Card FAQs

How do I activate my Ticket Restaurant® Plus Card?

When you receive your card, you must sign it immediately.

Your card cannot be used until it has been activated. You can activate your card by calling Customer Services and selecting the “Card Activation” option from the menu.

During the activation process you will be asked to quote your card number and your activation code which you will receive separately in the post, by e-mail or via your company. You may also be requested to provide some details to confirm your identity. 

How do I get my 4 digit PIN?

During card activation, you will be given a 4 digit PIN. You should never write down your PIN, reveal your PIN to anybody or enter your PIN in a way that enables it to be easily seen by others. We will not reveal your PIN to a third party. If you forget your PIN, you can obtain a pin reminder on the My Account service via ’Ticket-Restaurant-Plus’.

How do I change my PIN?

You can change your PIN at certain UK ATMs, please note you cannot use your card to obtain cash at an ATM and some ATM’s may charge for the service. Please see full Terms & Conditions for further information.

I’ve not received my card / replacement card

Please allow 7-10 days for the delivery of your card.

When will my account be loaded? 

Please contact the company that you receive your awards/benefits from.

My card has expired

If you are no longer participating in the Ticket Restaurant® Plus Card programme your card and any balance remaining will expire on the date printed on the card. You will not be entitled to a refund of any unused funds after this date. If your company is still participating in the card programme a new card will be ordered before the expiry date on your existing card and any unspent funds will be transferred to the new card.

I have lost my card / my card has been stolen / my card is damaged

If your card has been lost, stolen or damage, please click here

How can I find my card account/serial number?

You can find your account or serial number on the back of your card as shown below.

Serial number

How do I access My Account? 

You must register for this service. If you have not used My Account before please click here to register for an online account.

Can I use Apple Pay with Ticket Restaurant® Plus?

Yes, Apple Pay is available for your Ticket Restaurant® Plus card. You can find out more on how to add your card to your wallet and using Apple Pay here.

Download the MyEdenred app

Download the MyEdenred app to make the most of your Ticket Restaurant Plus card, available for iOS and Android phones. It’s your pocket assistant to help you manage your card from your mobile phone with some handy features including: 

  • A balance checker
  • Retail map locators
  • Transaction history
  • Access to special promotions

To find out more about the app, click here or alternatively, click on the links below to download the app today:

Download on the App Store   Google Play

Where can I use my card?

Your card can only be used for Transactions at affiliated retail outlets; the affiliated retailers are listed on the Website. If you try to use your card at any other store it will be declined. Please note your Card cannot be used for single Transactions in excess of £5,000. All contactless transactions will carry a maximum transaction value of £20.00.

What is the balance on my card?

You can check your balance any time by going to the login button on the top right of the homepage and selecting the ‘Ticket Restaurant Plus’ link by downloading the free Mobile APP or by calling Customer Services and selecting the “Card Balance” option.

Can I transfer money from one of my other Ticket Restaurant® Cards to this one?

Unfortunately we are unable to transfer funds between different cards you have been awarded or received as a benefit.

Which card type should I select when purchasing online?

For all online purchases use "Mastercard® Debit" as the card payment option – most website will automatically chose your card type once you enter your 16 digit card number.

My transaction was declined – why?

Your card can be used in full or part payment at the retailers outlined on this website. If you try to use your card at any other store it will be declined. If you are making a part payment, please make sure that the cashier is aware of the amount you wish to pay. Your card is not a credit card, it is a prepaid card, which means you can only spend up to the balance on your card and all transactions are authorised online at the point of sale.

A transaction has appeared on my card that isn’t mine

If you think your card has been used without your permission please contact Customer Services.

Get in touch

Customer Services

0800 247 1233

Email: Enquiries-UK-CHR@edenred.com

Lost or stolen card:

Report your card lost, stolen or damaged here >


manage my account button

Card Activation

To activate your Ticket Restaurant® Plus Card call:

0333 400 2288

If you need a card activation code 
click here

The 8 digit card serial number can be found on the back of the card as shown below: