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Achieving a work/life balance and making the right decisions as a working parent can be a real challenge. So, Edenred has created a dedicated new parenting website called 'Parent Hub' for parents using our Childcare Vouchers.

'Parent Hub', which can be accessed directly from your online Childcare Voucher account, provides you with a wealth of practical advice and parenting tips, as well as articles and vodcasts from a wide range of experts covering a range of subjects. Content includes:

  •  'Step Parents and Single Parenting'
  •  'Raising a 21st Century Teenager'
  •  'Homework Battles'
  •  'Special Needs Glossary'
  •  'Top Tips on School Selection Vodcast'
  •  'Sibling Rivalry'
  •  'Baby Costs Calculator'

And lots more!

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Advantages - Family Discounts from Edenred

Times are tough for everyone and childcare costs are at a premium, but with family discounts from Edenred you’ll have access to a wide range of special offers and discounts specifically designed to help make your money go further.

Available to all working parents using our Childcare Vouchers and at no extra cost to you or your employer, family discounts covers a wide range of different lifestyle products and services including:

  • Shopping vouchers – savings of up to 7.5% at leading high street stores and supermarkets
  • Special offers – fantastic offers and discounts of up to 25% off from leading retailers and online stores on a range of items including toys and games, clothes, sports gear and home entertainment 
  • Days out & Holidays – discounted family days out at theme parks and leisure attractions, as well as the latest holiday deals from leading tour operators 
  • Childcare – discounts on selected childcare and summer camps

Family Advice Line

Every parent who joins the Edenred Childcare Voucher scheme has access to a free and confidential 24/7 helpline offering support and information on a wide range of issues that affect families.

From maternity care to eldercare, on matters ranging from the emotional to the financial, our advisors will offer support and assistance. This help can come from giving practical advice, sending out an information pack, arranging a visit from a health visitor or just by lending a sympathetic ear.

Examples of questions may include:

  • What benefits am I entitled to when I'm pregnant?
  • I am having problems potty training my toddler, what should I do?
  • My child hasn't got into my first choice of primary school - what should I do?
  • My teenager has been behaving badly since my divorce, is this normal?
  • My mother has developed Alzheimer's, what support is available to me?

This list is by no means exhaustive - just as each family is unique, so is each issue that they face, that is why each parent can speak to a range of lawyers, health visitors and counsellors.


Childcare Advice Line

Once a parent starts receiving Edenred Childcare Vouchers, they can access our childcare advice line which can search for childcare to fit all of their requirements, and come up with a range of solutions so they can investigate and select the provision that best meets their childcare needs.

  • I've just moved to a new area and need to find childcare
  • I've just had my first child - what are the types of childcare available and what are the advantages of each?
  • I need to find care for my 10 year old during the school holidays - I want him to be with other children his age and do a range of activities and I have a limited budget
  • I work nights so need to find childcare at odd hours 
  • My usual Nanny is ill so I need to find childcare in my area quickly so I don't miss too much work

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