Who is eligible?

  • Both male and female employees can participate in the scheme.
  • Childcare Vouchers can only be used for your child until 1st September
    following their 15th birthday (or 16th birthday if they are registered disabled).
  • You must have parental responsibility for the child - the child must be your
    child, your stepchild or a child for whom you have parental responsibility.
  • The childcare must be 'registered' or 'approved'

If the vouchers are offered through a salary sacrifice arrangement, the reduction in salary should not bring you below minimum wage.

Flexible to suit your needs

Childcare Vouchers can be used to pay for a wide range of childcare including:

  • Home based care such as childminders, nannies and au pairs.
  • Pre-school care such as nursery schools, play schools and crèches.
  • Care for older children such as out of school clubs (breakfast clubs,
    afterschool clubs) and holiday clubs.

Your Childcare Vouchers can be used to pay more than one childcare provider if you wish. The only condition is that they will need to be registered with or approved by an appropriate body (such as Ofsted) and be affiliated to the Edenred network.


The current registration and approval bodies:

  • Ofsted Childcare Register – Compulsory (England)
  • Ofsted Childcare Register – Voluntary (England)
  • Local Health and Social Services Trusts (Northern Ireland)
  • Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland (SCSWIS) (Scotland)
  • Childcare Approval Scheme (Wales)
  • The Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales

Care provided by the governing body of a school is approved if it takes place:

  • outside normal school hours (this means the normal hours of compulsory
    education adopted by the school as appropriate for the age of the child)
  • on school premises, or
  • on premises that are covered by the inspection of the whole school
    activity by Ofsted or the equivalent inspection body for certain independent schools.

This mean that in terms of private education this would only apply to children under 5 (end of first term following 5th birthday).

If the child is between 5 and 15 (or 16 years old if they are disabled), all of the following must apply:

  • the childcare or activity based childcare is provided out of school hours
  • the care is provided under the direction of the school's governing body
  • the care is provided on the school premises, or on other premises covered by the inspection that Ofsted carry out of the whole school - an example of this could be if the school uses a village hall for its out of school hours childcare activities

Your carer will need to affiliate with Edenred to accept Childcare Vouchers (see ‘Paying your carer’).

Getting Started

Most employers who provide Childcare Vouchers do so through a salary sacrifice scheme. This means you agree to reduce your salary by a certain value, and receive Childcare Vouchers to the same value, but pay no tax or National Insurance on those vouchers.

To join your employer’s Childcare Vouchers scheme, you first of all need to complete a salary sacrifice agreement. Your employer will give you directions on how to do this.

After your agreement has been submitted to your employer, they will reduce your salary by the requested amount, and arrange for vouchers to be provided to you.

Childcare Vouchers are usually provided electronically, via an online account. Shortly before the pay day on which you are due to receive your first vouchers, your employer will advise Edenred of the value of vouchers to be provided, and we will send to you, by post, a welcome letter which gives you details of how to access your online account. 

On the date selected by your employer, which is usually on or around your pay day, your account will be credited with your chosen value of Childcare Vouchers. Vouchers are not tied to a particular carer, and do not have to be used straight away, so you have the flexibility to manage your account as you so wish, and can accrue a balance of vouchers to be used in the future if required.

Any value of vouchers, up to your account balance, can be transferred to a childcare provider at any time, so if you pay different amounts or different childcare providers this can be accommodated with ease.


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