Leave & Absence

Introducing Edenred’s easy, efficient and intelligent online Leave & Absence system. So, who’s in?

Well, if an employee doesn’t want to be in so they can take a holiday, our system allows them to go online, see how many holidays they’ve got left and request the days they want from you right away.

If an employee isn’t in because they’re sick, they can report it online when they’re back at work, maybe taking time to read your policies on leave and absence while they’re there. 

And if you’re into identifying patterns in absenteeism, seeing who’s off when and what it costs your company, you can with Edenred. Our advanced reporting interface lets you run a full range of real-time reports to help identify, measure and manage trends, as well as spot any absenteeism issues immediately Then you can decide on which strategies to take so your company doesn’t lose out financially - a job made even easier thanks to our special Absenteeism Tracker, designed specifically for your managers and HR administrators. 

Leave and absence, policies and planning, patterns and profits. It’s all covered by our scheme. And that’s what makes it the best way to keep your company on track when your people are off work.