Start an Edenred Childcare Vouchers scheme

Whether you are starting a childcare voucher scheme for the first time or you are thinking of switching suppliers, we at Edenred Childcare Vouchers are here to make the whole process easy.

Our experienced Childcare Vouchers team are always on hand to advise you and answer any questions or queries you may have. 

Getting your childcare voucher scheme up and running with Edenred is easy.  We'll help you: 

  • Launch your scheme with an extensive communications campaign to give staff the information they need to decide whether to join.
  • Complete all the necessary paperwork - a service agreement with us, the salary sacrifice agreements with your employees, and payroll and HMRC notifications.
  • Create, place and pay for your order. 
  • Issue electronic vouchers and a parent welcome pack.

Get in touch here to Start your Edenred Childcare Vouchers Scheme 

Or give us a call on 0333 2201 586


"At Ofsted we are always considering potential opportunities to provide further support to our employees and the childcare voucher scheme has been able to provide a positive benefit to a number
of parents in our organisation."

Rachel Street

Head of Human Resources


Common Misconception

It's difficult to switch suppliers

False - It's actually very easy to switch suppliers.
All the up-front work in organising and launching the scheme has already been done and your existing supplier can simply transfer the data to Edenred Childcare Vouchers. We can then take on the task
of informing users about the change - and about any additional services they may be able to take advantage of as a result of the switch.