Smarter Childcare Vouchers

We appreciate that time is precious to your busy working parents, so Edenred Childcare Vouchers are now even smarter, giving parents more time to spend on the important things in life.  

Our new mobile version of the Childcare Voucher account allows your working parents to login and manage their account on the go - offering them increased convenience and flexibility.

The mobile site's been specifically designed for smartphones and tablets with some help from user journey consultants, and the real experts - some of our client's employees, making the user experience child's play.

When your employees access their online account via a mobile device, they'll be asked if they want to be directed to the mobile version.  Once logged in they can:

  • View their statement, including a full transactional history
  • Quickly pay a previous carer
  • Make a new payment 
  • Easily repeat their last payment

The convenience of a mobile site is another free addition to the unique and unrivalled Edenred Childcare Voucher scheme: alongside shopping & lifestyle savings, Parent Hub access and the Family Advice line.  Combined with this you can also save up to £402 yourself for each parent who joins the scheme, thanks to helpful National Insurance breaks.

So, if any of your employees are amongst the 30 million people in the UK that use smartphones or tablets, our new addition really does make us the smartest choice.

To access the mobile site:

1. Click here on your mobile phone.

2. Enter your membership number and your existing PIN.

3. Select 'Remember me' if you would like the device to remember your membership number or 'Keep me logged in' to stay logged in.

4. On many devices you can add the site to your Home Screen. 

Alternatively if you login to your online account in the usual way on your mobile device you will be given the option to be redirected to the mobile site

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