Results of the 2016 Dividend Reinvestment Plan

At the Annual Meeting on May 4, 2017, Edenred shareholders approved the payment of a 2016 dividend of €0.62 per share, with the option of reinvesting 50% of the dividend in new shares. 

The option of reinvesting 50% of the dividend in shares was available from May 12 to June 2, 2017. This led to the issue of 1,722,895 new shares of Edenred common stock, representing 0.74% of the share capital, which will be settled and begin trading on the Euronext Paris stock market on June 15, 2017.

The new shares carry dividend rights from January 1, 2017 and rank pari passu with existing shares of Edenred common stock. Following the issue, the Company’s share capital comprises 235,402,740 shares.

The total cash dividend, in an amount of €109 million (1), will be paid on June 15, 2017.

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(1) Corresponding to 50% of the dividend automatically paid in cash to all shareholders (€73 million) and the €36 million paid in cash to shareholders opting not to reinvest.

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