Why it’s the managers that matter in the battle for engagement and performance (Whitepaper)

This week sees the launch of Engage for Success, a new movement which wants us to put the link between engagement and organisational performance at the top of our list of priorities.

With the backing of big names from across business and academia this is no lightweight campaign. For the launch, the well-respected Tanith Dodge, HR Director of Marks and Spencer, and the University of Bath School of Management put their names behind a paper which claims to nail the evidence that an engagement deficit is responsible for, and predicts, poor performance in organisations.

At a point in the year when many of us are deep in planning for 2013 and thinking about how we can maintain or improve performance – most likely with smaller budgets or smaller teams than before –the arrival of Engage for Success couldn’t come at a better time.

As a great presentation on the campaign website points out, incentivising and rewarding performance is one component which delivers and improves performance. This is the bit that many organisations have got used to grappling with and delivering.

But what this campaign does so powerfully is to remind us that the bit that is missing is a laser-like focus on supporting performance by engaging managers, reinforcing the behaviours that help the organisation succeed, listening to employees and providing them with direction and meaning.

This issue is the focus of our latest whitepaper. It provides practical guidance for those of us concerned with performance, engagement and reward around what they can do to support our managers who, ultimately, drive the success of our organisations.

At a time when we are looking to do more with less, focussing on what we can deliver by attending to our people and our managers rather than launching new tactical initiatives is an idea that is worth our attention.

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Author: Andy Philpott | Category: Whitepaper | 22/11/2012 | 0

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