Loyalty is for life, not just for Christmas

Retail sales ramp up at Christmas time but how can you convert the seasonal rush into loyalty that lasts?

The festive season is when everyone is fighting for attention and sales. It’s an expensive time for any brand or retailer, as everyone wades in to pay-per-click, social media channels become flooded, customers become bombarded with messages and loyalty is rare.

It’s a similar scenario on the high street, where there can be discount anarchy and the sales and offers begin earlier each year. That means you could find yourself in a race to the bottom unless you can set yourself apart from the competition.

But shoppers aren’t only interested in the best deals and cheapest products. They have become used to the huge discount available and it’s the brands that develop a personal, ongoing relationship with their customers who achieve the most cut-through during this peak spending season.

Here are three reasons why instant digital rewards help to create engagement and build loyalty with your customers at Christmas time and beyond:

1. They make your customer feel good

During the ultra-competitive festive season, it’s more crucial than ever to get customer reward right and not simply adopt a scattergun approach to loyalty in an attempt to engage customers. The key differentiator is to offer a positive experience and make the modern customer feel valued.

Research shows clearly that flexible and personalised rewards are increasingly popular, with 71% of consumers citing those elements as the most appealing loyalty feature for a brand.

So since price is no longer the key point of difference, brands need to differentiate with personalisation to become connected to their audience. A wide range of instant rewards and incentives will give your consumers the ultimate in choice and flexibility and demonstrate to them that you understand and respect their individual needs.

2. They give you great insight

If executed properly, your customer reward programme will be a two-way process, enabling you to develop bespoke rewards that resonate with your target audiences and gather the insight needed to analyse their behaviour and identify what’s important to them at the same time, thus creating a virtuous circle.

At Christmas time, when the retail landscape is noisier than ever, access to this powerful customer reward data will also enable you to partner strategically with the right brand or retailer in a mutually beneficial collaboration, making any offer more compelling and attractive to the customer.

This will add value to both parties, giving you a competitive edge during a crucial trading period and increasing engagement in the long term.

3. They enable you to be nimble

Today’s tech-savvy, ‘always-on’ consumers have high expectations of their daily interactions, where everything they engage with is easy, fun and immediate, leading to instant gratification.

The technology behind digital rewards not only gives consumers a sense of immediacy and control over curating the rewards they want, it also enables you to be responsive as a brand and react quickly to urgent needs in changing circumstances, without months of campaign planning.

Take Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which provide huge opportunities for brands to generate increased sales, acquire new customers and drive the consumer behaviour they want by enhancing the reward offer even further. A brand’s ability to be quick on their feet with digital rewards makes the offer more relevant and appealing to their customer, making them feel they are getting even better value.

This means you can respond to what your customers want at the touch of a button, creating a relationship of trust and loyalty that will last way beyond the proverbial tin of chocolates.

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Author: Steven Morris | Category: Blog | 05/12/2018 | 0

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