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Q4 motivation: Top tips for sales leaders

With the end of the financial year approaching for many, it means the actions you take now as a sales team need to be succinct and efficient to make any real impact, and they need to align with your year-end targets. The... [more]
Author: Andy Philpott | Category: Blog | 11/10/2018 | 0

Year-end employee reward - get ahead and beat the rush

September: Whether we like it or not, it’s the month that signals the start of the build-up to the festive season. Everyone is “back to school” after the summer and normal business has been resumed. At work, thoughts are quickl... [more]
Author: Andy Philpott | Category: Blog | 01/10/2018 | 0

Make 2018 the year for employee financial wellbeing

Financial wellbeing is a hot topic in today’s workplaces, with Willis Towers Watson’s 2017 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey suggesting that employers make it a central part of their strategies by actively helping employees mana... [more]
Author: Andy Philpott | Category: Blog | 26/09/2018 | 0

Innovation in customer loyalty

Steven Morris discusses how today’s instant reward programmes can deliver better customer engagement Every consumer business faces the same challenge: delivering a positive experience for their customers in order to encourage... [more]
Author: Andy Philpott | Category: Blog | 19/09/2018 | 0

How technology is changing the way we engage our employees

In today’s technology-driven world, digital connections are king. Everyone is plugged in and switched on 24/7, relying on their devices for any and every one of their wants and needs, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that an... [more]
Author: Andy Philpott | Category: Blog | 13/09/2018 | 0

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