Eye Health Week

This year Vision Matters will launch its second National Eye Health week on 13th June when eye care charities, organisations and health professionals will join together to promote the importance of eye health.

At Edenred we appreciate the importance of healthy eyes for staff and fully support the work of Vision Matters.

Eye health is often seen as a simple ‘tick box activity’ for employers who simply add eye care cover in benefits packages without fully understanding the importance of promoting healthy eye sight to staff.

In the lead up to and during Eye Health week we will be posting a series of articles aimed at helping employers understand not only their obligation but also the added benefit of promoting eye care to staff.

To kick start our eyecare focus, we begin with the basics to ensure you fulfil your obligation as an employer.

Top tips for managing eye health

1.  Advise regular eye tests. At an absolute minimum, ensure your employees have at least 2 yearly eye tests, although legislation states employees are entitled to more regular sight tests if requested.

2.  Encourage breaks. Although no research has shown that Visual Display Units (VDU’s) are damaging to your eyes, staring at anything for prolonged periods can cause strain and headaches. Encourage staff to take regular breaks from their screens.

3.  Assess the environment. Make sure workstation assessments have taken place as people can be looking at screens at the wrong angles or heights which can cause ergonomic desk placement issues that can affect the neck.

4.  Inform staff of the health benefits. Sight tests are vital for early detection of medical conditions such as diabetes. There are also well documented examples of brain conditions being detected from sight tests.

5.  Document policies. Make sure your company eyecare policy is well documented and accessible to all. The benefits to your staffs health greatly outweigh the costs attached to running an effective multi sited voucher scheme.

6.  Be considerate. Make sure you try to position staff who wear contact lenses away from air conditioning vents, these vents can cause significant dryness and irritation to contact lens wearers.

7.  Remember first aid. In an office first aid kit make sure that an eye bath is included so if something gets into a staff members eyes it can be washed out safely using the right solutions. Tap water should not be used.

8.  Driver Eyecare. Currently there is no legislation for eye health checks for company car drivers and / or those who drive on company business, but there is for other occupational divers such as lorry drivers.

This basic checklist will give you the initial grounds to work on, but there is a lot more to eye care. Check back next week for the latest in our Eye Health support where we will be exploring driver eyecare in more detail. For more information on Eye Health week visit http://www.visionmatters.org.uk

Author: Andrew Adams | Category: Blog | 24/05/2011 | 0

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