Six webinars, six ways to drive people performance for SMEs

A free series of webinars crafted to help your business and your people perform at their best.

Come away with actionable insight and ideas from experts across a variety of fields; from ensuring compliance and maximising revenue, to streamlining costs.

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Childcare Vouchers & TFC - action needed?

With the imminent launch of Tax-Free Childcare, learn what you need to do to maximise your employer NI savings and support employees through the changes.

Motivation: creating a culture of success

The motivation of your people lies at the heart of commercial success. Explore new ways to get your workforce ‘Massively Motivated’ and performing at their best.

Understanding your employees' financial wellbeing

Financial worries will negatively affect your employees’ productivity and performance. Find out how you can help them detox their finances and build a better future.

Innovative ways to stretch the payslip

This webinar is packed with practical, cost-effective ideas that you can put into action in your workplace to help your staff make the most of their money.

Supporting employees with their mental health

This session will give you the basic tools and confidence to know what to look for and the conversations to have - helping you to manage the effects of anxiety, depression, and stress.

Your HR roundup: employment law latest

HR and employment law are constantly changing. This session will touch on the main areas for employers and give you direct access to an expert where you can pose your questions.