Accept & Redeem Clean Way vouchers

Start accepting Clean Way vouchers (for new affiliates)

If you’d like to accept and redeem Clean Way Vouchers in your dry cleaning business please complete this Voucher Redemption Agreement form and post back to us.  Once you are affiliated with us, you’ll be sent a Clean Way welcome pack containing a welcome guide, claim forms and point of sale display materials.  

One easy signup – so much profit potential

There’s no more need to make individual arrangements with local businesses. You only need to sign up with Clean Way once, and it’s absolutely free. Then you can start accepting Clean Way vouchers – and profitable business – from the employees of many different organisations.


Redeem Clean Way vouchers (for current affiliates)

From 1st January 2012, Edenred UK will redeem Clean Way vouchers through Edenred (UK Group) Ltd. - Registered Number 540144.

To redeem Clean Way vouchers, please request personalised Clean Way claim forms by calling us on 0800 247 1233 We will then pay the claim within 15 working days of receipt using your chosen preferred payment method.

Get in touch

To make sure your enquiry is dealt with by the correct team, please 
call the telephone number below:

Customers, recipients and Dry Cleaners:

0800 247 1233