Affiliating with Edenred 

It’s not all about what you know. It’s about who you know too. 

At Edenred, we couldn’t do what we do without the partnerships we create and maintain with retail & affiliate companies all over the world.

The 18,000 organisations we work with, the millions we help them motivate with cards, vouchers and online schemes – none of it would be possible without the partners we have in place. The restaurants, the retail outlets, the opticians, the dry cleaners, the leisure locations and more - they all combine with Edenred to multiply the possibilities, and to make themselves millions more pounds of revenue as a direct result.

We have an Affiliate & Retail team that’s dedicated to bringing our partners new business and new customers, to raising their profile and maximising their potential. We have a range of media and communication channels to help them promote their services in partnership with our products. And we have the results to prove that we mean business. Literally.

Why join the Clean Way network?

Joining the Edenred Clean Way network makes good sense for dry cleaning businesses.

Attract more customers to your dry cleaning business - Thousands of people use Clean Way vouchers every month in over 3,000 dry cleaners nationwide. They’re actively looking for dry cleaners that accept our vouchers and display the Clean Way sign – so if you’re not part of our network, you could be missing out on a lot of business.

So easy to accept - Clean Way vouchers are a regular source of valuable income that are easy for customers to use - and easy for you to accept. As an increasing number of organisations turn to Clean Way to provide dry cleaning arrangements for their employees, you can look forward to increasing your turnover.

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Clean Way offers so many benefits for a dry cleaning business

  • Increased business
  • Regular Income
  • New opportunities
  • New customers

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